Gida Ayana Agriculture Office, FSRP Department hereby invites wax sealed bids, from experienced qualified and eligible Bidders for water works construction for the construction of irrigation projects

Bid closing date
4:00 ock’ local time on 21/8/2016 E.C.

Bid opening date
4:30 ock’ local time on 21/8/2016 E.C.

Published on

Ethiopian Herald

(Mar 28, 2024)


Bid document price
500.00 Birr for each document

Bid bond
100,000 Birr



1. Gida Ayana Agriculture Office, FSRP Department hereby invites wax sealed bids, from experienced qualified and eligible Bidders class described below licensed in water works construction for the construction of the following Irrigation Projects:

S/ No.

Name of Projects

Bid Invitation Identification




Required Grade


CPO Required







Didim Upgrade

CAWAO / FSRP/N CB/01/2023


East Wollega


Gida Ayana


WWC- G5 & Above



2. The bidders should present a Trade license valid for the current year & a registration certificate, TIN, Tax clearance, Renewed WWC license

3. Bidders shall obtain bid document upon payment of non-refundable birr, 500 for each document from the agricultural office starting from 19/7/2016 up to 18/8/2016 E.C.

4. The bidders should fulfill all technical evaluation and evaluation qualification criteria that is attached with in bid document and evaluation will be conducted through NCB procedures specified in World Bank procurement guide lines.

5. All necessary profile, data and Qualification criteria stated on the bid document must be addressed in a brief and clear way, unless it rejects.

6. A bidder that has project in hand and not properly handed over is not eligible or leads for rejection from the competition. The bidder must present clearance letter for the past good accomplishments from the client.

7. The bidder must submit Cost break down of unit rate analysis for each work item that considers the current market situation of the specific site similar with the specification of unit rate and shall be wax(glue) sealed envelope with the original financial document

8. Site visit is mandatory to participate on bidding & the construction of the work completed within 150 days starting from the commencement date of the work.

9. Bids shall be valid for a period of sixty (60) days after Bid opening.

10. Bids should be accompanied by a bid security of Eth Birr as stated on the table above in an acceptable form of CPO or unconditional guarantee issued by a Bank and shall remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of 120 days after the date of bid opening and must be addressed to Gida Ayana Woreda Agricultural Office.

11. In addition to the original of the bid, the number of copies is: (Financial offer) One Original plus 2 copies and cost breakdown as well as (technical offer) One Original plus two copies & CPO with full information

12. Bid shall be submitted on 4:00 ock’ local time on 21/8/2016 E.C. and the bid document of Contractors must be opened in the presence of the bidders and/or their third party authorized representatives at the last date of bid submission at 4:30 local time at the office of vise administration.

13. The office reserves the right to reject any or all part of the bid.

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Address:- East Wollega, Gida Ayana woreda, Ayana City, Agricultural Office

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